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Creative Ways to Engage Clients with Sales Letters

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jan 02, 2013 @ 12:51 PM

motivational keynote speakerAs a small business entrepreneur, I rely almost soley on technology ( blog, website, social networking, etc) to do all my marketing. Ten years ago I used to do mail out campaigns to my motivational keynote speaker clients to stay in touch, generate interest and stay top of mind.

I placed prospects on a nurture drip campaign where I would send them a personalized written letter every month ( my mailing budget was huge!). Each letter was targeted to move them along the sales cycle. The ultimate goal was to be hired to be a motivational keynote speaker for one of their events.

Some of the creative things we did to garner attention was add interesting things to the sales letter:

  • We used the theme of celebrating others and included a small champagn bottle in the mailout.
  • Following the theme of create your vision, we included a mini paint set in the mailout.
  • We placed confetti in a sales letter- again along the lines of surprize or exceeding expectations.
  • To encourage people to call us, we created a sales letter suggesting they give us a ring and included a small plastic phone in the envelope.
  • We sent out 3D glasses to encourage people to see the best in others ( ok it was funny at the time). These were sent to medical radiology conferences
  • Under the guise of no more monkeying around, we sent out small plastic monkey's (some of them were really corny)
  • To encourage people to help their people grow, we sent them a small packet of flower seeds.
  • We sent out small drink umbrellas and tied it to the theme of protecting yourself and your meeting investment.
  • To encourage people to maximize meeting dollars... we sent out funny money.
  • We sent out tiny trophies to encourage meeting planners to recognize top achievers.

Most of these items were available at a local dollar store for a dollar or less. As far as the response rate, 10% booked me to be a motivational keynote speaker. The further along the sales cycle they were and the more letters they received the greater the response was. If people didnt respond after 12 letters we took them off our list.

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