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3 Motivational Speaker Meeting Energizers

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Jan 18, 2013 @ 12:04 PM

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In longer training sessions I love to experiment with meeting ice breakers, here are a few I have used or seen used in the last year:

Autograph. Create a handout that lists 15 to 25 questions relevant to your workplace. For example... has worked here over 20 years, has completed XYZ training, or prefers to work alone. Questions could also be more generic like Is an extrovert or Loves the color purple.

Participants circulate the room and get autographs from people who satisfy the criteria. A fun, interactive meeting ice breaker and a great way for people to get to know each other. To increase the impact of this motivational speech activity, gear questions to the workplace.

Name Game. This motivational speech activity helps people remember their colleagues names. Participants each introduce themselves using a rhymn or characteristic used to identify themselves. For example Mark could call himself as Check Mark, Frenda Brenda, Bad Brad, etc.

Participants circulate the room, shake hands and say there name rhymn a couple of times each. Rhymn are great because of the cadence, often people will break into song or an extended rhymn stringing their names together. ( ie- Check Mark made a Frienda Brenda). Encourage this.

Google Search. I was a motivational keynote speaker at an event several years ago where another guest speaker did this hilarious meeting icebreaker.  Every member of the group is assigned another member to investigate( before the meeting) on google. Each is instructed to do a google search on there designated person by First Name, Last Name and come back with certain criteria. Potential criteria may be:

positive news stories, interesting facts, etc. Steer away from potential negative or overly personal or sensitive information ( ie- facebook shows someone is recently divorced- although if they post it on facebook, it is public knowledge- keep in mind, sometimes these facts are posted by other parties).  As the guest speaker outlined, sensitive information is off limits.

When the group meets ( depending on the size) each member introduces their designated partners google personality. It is often very humorous and creates some surprizing interaction and information that even the  person being searched doesn't know! Suddenly everyone is compelled to pay attention to what they post online. The guest speaker led a lively discussion about the pro's and con's of posting online.

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