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3 Keys to Embrace Change

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Dec 11, 2012 @ 03:11 PM

motivational speaker for HR conferenceI was recently a motivational speaker for an HR Conference.

The other Leadership motivational keynote speaker, Jim Clemmer, suggested that the biggest sources of resistance to change are fear of the unknown, lack of motivation, and lack of knowledge.

In his motivational speech he suggested that to overcome these obstacles leaders need to create a vision that shows what change will be like in the future.

In order to really embrace change people need to:

Be Committed. 

People must be willing to put themselves behind change. They need to decide this is not optional and they don't have a choice. If they feel that this will soon pass or hopefully go away, they will not be truely committed. When the going gets tough they may be unreliable or resistant because their loyalty is lingering. If someone lacks motivation towards change they may need to be convinced this change is important and beneficial for them.

Be Willing to Pay the Price. 

If a solid and constant effort is necessary for any change to take hold, people need to know what is expected and be willing to put in the effort. Some changes are easy or simple but also make very little impact. If a change is more difficult, the energy and effort to see it through should be defined up front, so people understand what they are committing to.

Know Where Change is Taking Them.

Undefined outcomes will undermine any effort and momentum will slow. Without a clear idea of where they are headed and the benefits of the proposed evolution, people will aulter.

Leadership motivational keynote speaker books. The other motivational speaker for the HR Conference reiterated the theme of change and how evolution is so important to growth.

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