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The Art of Influence: Make your Ideas Resonate

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Nov 29, 2012 @ 12:58 PM

motivational keynote speakerI love drama. When I listen to others, I usually become engaged when they introduce conflict or drama. Unlike gossip, drama entertains an inherently challenging personal situation, where a person is emotionally involved and must navigate through the conflict.

Sometimes I am engaged simply because I think, wow I though I was having a rough day or I question, what would I do if it were me?

Recently a good friend explained she is in the throws of helping her aging father move to an assisted living facility. He is resisting and being very stubborn. In expressing this, she could simply state the fact that her father is moving to an assisted living facility. 

Instead, she weaves an emotionally gripping tale where she has to come to grips with the fact that her father is no longer the strong, sensible man who always took care of her.

She illustrates her fathers weak and frail posture as he cries in the small sterile room waiting to be admitted to the nursing home.  Surrounded by boxes of his belonging that contain memories of his once full and rich life, he looks at his daughter defeated and says, why are you doing this to me?

Listening to her, I am completely engaged as my mind reels imagining this happening to my own charismatic father. How would I handle this? What would my father think?

A good communicator influences others by drawing their audience in by illustrating their point with the emotional drama and conflict that makes life rich and real.

As a motivational keynote speaker, I listen to countless other guest speakers and think their speech would be much more motivational if they included this type of drama and conflict. To illustrate their point, even techical guest speakers could include a story with human drama and emotion instead of bombarding people with facts and data.

A good combination of both would make for an excellent motivational speech. I think of every conversation as an opportunity to deliver a motivational speech. Like my successful realtor friend did, she drew me into her day by illustrating the situation, such that I felt like I was a part of it. Motivation involves emotion and it's the quickest way to engage heart and mind.

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