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The Paradox of Happiness, TedTv Guest Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Nov 19, 2012 @ 12:22 PM

guest keynote speakerMy favorite TedTv Motivational Talk is by Matthew Killingsworth.

People have been debating happiness for centuries. What research has confirmed is that factors like income and education(which you would think more of both coule make you very happiness) have only a small correlation to happiness.

Mr Killingsworth came up with a way to track your happiness on his website. The TedTV motivational Talk shows us how to use the Iphone to track and monitor people's happiness real time. By watching peoples happiness we can better understand what influences happiness.

The motivational speech focused on mind wandering and how humans have an incredible ability to focus on things other than the present moment.

Mr Killingsworth's research asked participants 3 questions to help him suss out what makes people happy:

How do you feel?

What are your doing? (ie-eating, working, watching tv)

Are you thinking about something other than what you are doing? ( ie- the house better be clean when I get home)

The research showed people are much less happy when they are not focused on the present moment, when their mind wandered. Even when doing unenjoyable activities (like driving) we are much less happy when our  mind wanders than when we focus on the activity itself.

Often the mind wanders to worries, anxiety and regrets.

The guest speaker makes the arguement that time goes forward not backwards and unhappiness usually happens after mind wandering.

Mind wandering is extrememly frequent in fact the overall rate is 47%

TedTV Guest speaker Matthew Killingsworth's research will ultimatley help us discover what makes people happy and create future that is happier and healthier for all.

What we so know for sure? The more we stay in the present moment, the happier we are. You can visit trackyourhappiness.org and be a part of the research if you have an Ipone, if not ( like me) your out of luck for now.

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