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What is Wrong with Leaders Today?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Nov 15, 2012 @ 02:06 PM

Great leadleadership keynote speakerers drive for results not comfort.

As a leadership keynote speaker, I often hear leaders suggest they don't know what is wrong with employees today. Leaders complain their employees are high maintenance, they expect too much and it's hard to get staff to stop complaining and focus on the job.

Employees today are much more diverse and they have much higher expectations from their employer than generations before them. Over the last decade or so workplaces have had to evolve to meet employees needs for job fulfillment. Soft skills like listening, acknowledgment, having fun at work, morale and more are front and center in staff motivation. People are no longer satisfied with a paycheck; they want more from their leadership and their organization.

Now more than ever what needs to emerge are strong leaders who stop coddling and trying to perfect peoples job circumstances and instead demand results. Leadership that provides clear expectations, clear goals and commitments with regular feedback and follow up will thrive.

It scares me when leaders shake their head and wonder what is wrong with employees today. Because what's wrong with employees is they lack strong leaders who are willing to take control and demand excellence. Many younger generations also lack strong authority figures from their past like parents ( who are more like friends) and teachers.

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Leaders need to step up and stop accepting mediocre performance, stop allowing tardy attendance and drive for results.

I love being a leadership keynote speaker and delivering this message. As the motivational speech suggests , Drive for Results Not Comfort.

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