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How Humor Helps you Recharge

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 @ 02:36 PM

humorous motivational speakerWith the holiday season wrapped up and workloads on the rise, many people are feeling overwhelmed. Recently, I was a humorous motivational speaker for an insurance event where( for this serious crowd) I had to pull out the data and facts to convince this audience they needed to lighten up.

My motivational speech unveiled how Lightening Up boosts emotional health:

It creates distance from pain and builds perspective. When you can laugh at your stress you create emotional distance that allows you to be less attached to results and more flexible and resilient towards stress. It allows you to see situations differently, in a less threatening and more realistic light.

It Boosts Healthy Endorphins. Laughing instantly improves your mood because you can't be angry, stressed or sad while laughing.

It helps you let go. If you are holding onto negative energy about anyone or anything you need to let it go. The quickest way to do this is to play around with it and find the funny in it.

It keeps you focused. Laughing dramatically and instantly increases blood flow to the front part of the brain which makes you more focused and productive.

It builds rapport. Laughter synchronizes the brain of the speaker and the listener( If they are laughing they are listening). People who laugh together create bonds that restore a healthy, positive work environment.

Remember that humor is finding something funny about something and laughter is the physical response to it. You can bypass humor and just laugh for no reason at all and have still experience the positive consequences!

As a humorous motivational speaker for the insurance event, my role was to help people understand why they need to lighten up and be compelled to do so. By the end of the motivational speech the audience was warmed up and playing a bit on the silly side. One delegate stood up in front of 800 of his colleagues and demonstrated a funny dance he does when he lands a new client. This is taking yourself lightly!

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