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4 Reasons Young Professionals aren't attending Live Events

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Nov 13, 2012 @ 01:23 PM

motivational speaker for chamber of commerce eventI was a motivational speaker for a chamber of commerce event last week where the meeting planner expressed extreme frustration with trying to get Millenials ( basically younger professionals in their 20's to 30's) to come to events. 

The chamber of commerce is experiencing extreme attrition of younger professionals as older members are no longer coming to events and the younger millenials aren't taking their place.

We had an interesting discussion and came up with several reasons why young professionals do not attend live events:

  1. They all suffer Attention Deficit Disorder. Just try to get somebody under 30 to pay attention for more than 2 minutes- it's challenging. This generation is so distracted by multiple devices vying for their attention, it's hard to captivate them for longer than a few seconds.
  2. They want instant gratification. An event 4 months down the road is just too long to wait! If millenials need information, they can get it right now, through their networks or a quick google search. 
  3. They are addicted to technology.  It appears the trendy way to interact is through online communities; hidden behind technology people can communicate with anyone, anywhere. Certain liberties are allowed as people feel safe communicating with strangers online. What some young professionals forget is the technology can create a permanent online record.
  4. They lack loyalty to the industry. Many events are spearheaded by loyal, long term members who are committed to the association and their industry. Younger professionals just don't get involved as much at the volunteer association board level, likely because they are much more transient in their career.

The other motivational speaker for the chamber of commerce event discussed some of the challenges with engaging younger generations. What was lacking in the motivational speech was methods to stop the attrition of younger professionals. We will attempt to attack this in a future blog!

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