Speaker for Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants

inspirational speaker for accountantsOn November 2, 2012 I was an inspirational speaker for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producing Accountants in Calgary, Alberta.

Over 200 production accountants attended the motivational speech, I Love My Job, it's the People I can't Stand! Production accountants deal with a lot of stress and potential conflict as they are continually under the gun to  meet deadlines. Oil and gas production accountants track and analyze production data.

Oil Splits are due by the 10th or 11th of every month, gas splits are due about a week later. Splits are payments made for cubes of oil to different production partners. They must calculate and book revenues, royalties, tax credits and processing fees.

This detail- oriented job also requires excellent communication skills. Daily, production accountants must sort through data to suss out who gets paid what. When information is not accurate for all parties, they must contact other partners and verify actual production quantities. This often means waiting on others for information needed to meet urgent deadlines.

I enjoyed being an inspirational speaker for the petroleum production acccountants, they were an extremly warm and engaging group. Our motivational speech covered the four distinct personality types and how to adjust and alter your communication to suite the other personalities.

The other inspirational speaker for the production accountants was Sylvia Yaeger, presenting her motivational speech, Happy Hour Starts at 9 AM.

Both my cousin and my sister a production accountants, my cousin was in the audience taking pictures the whole time!

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