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How Parents Ruin their Children

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 @ 02:45 PM

motivational keynote speakerThis week I was sitting at the London airport waiting for a plane, where a boy (approximately 8 years old) had his cars, pens and other toys spewed all over the floor at my feet.

Other passengers stumbled over him several times. They each shoot me an evil glare as if to say...move your child. I just shrug my shoulders to suggest...he's not my child...

Suddenly the boy jumps up in excitement and shouts for his mom, who promptly comes running. He lifts up a picture he has been coloring and proudly shows his mother. Mom responds like she's peering at a limited edition rembrandt. One problem..The picture is hideous.

I'm all for boosting a child's ego but not for extremely mediocre performance.
Planted right at my toes; I saw the boy draw this, it took less than a minute and it looks like something my 3 year old could draw.

The mother also remains completely oblivious that her son is committing numerous safety infractions and impeding traffic flow in the airport.

This whole scenario gives me the creeps. As a motivational keynote speaker I travel a lot and unfortunately, I witness this all the time. Maybe mothers forget that they have left the seclusion of their own home and here at the airport the world does not revolve around their children.

Aside from this, the incessant need to glorify everything a child does drives me bonkers. Recently the globe and mail published an article suggesting it takes 3 generation y professionals to do the job of one baby boomer. It think this kind of parenting is why.

Recently another motivational keynote speaker at one of my events described the qualities of younger generations as self absorbed, unrealistic and having an intense stance of entitlement. What I was witnessing on the airport carpet in front of me is exactly why.

Are parents ruining their children by drowning them with unwarranted praise and refusing to rein them in and hone their judgement? My guess is yes.

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