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On Stage, Visibility and Positioning of a Guest Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Nov 01, 2012 @ 05:12 PM

motivational guest speakerAs a motivational guest speaker, something I struggle with is where should I stand to maximize audience visibility? When I do a motivational speech, I move around and interact with the audience a lot.

I like to walk into the audience and interact with individuals, ask them questions, acknowledge them and engage them into the content.

From the audience perspective, this usually means that some can't see my face. While walking through a crowd I notice a lot of people turning around and twisting to try to see me.

If it's an important point, I stand still, hopefully at the front or outskirts of the room and deliver, so more people can see me.

Especially with comedy, facial expression adds a lot of impact, so I don't want to dilute the humor. I have had comments on motivational guest speaker evaluations suggesting I was hard to follow or see.  I also get positive comments saying people love the moving around and interaction during the motivational speech.

Here are some of the things I have found that maximize visibility for a motivational guest speaker..

I open a motivational speech at the front of the room on the podium, to set the energy and tone for the speech. I like to stay here for at least ten minutes.

I mingle with the crowd with pre-planned interactive points built around humor. The humor is necessary to decrease tension(People get nervous when the motivational speaker walks up to them). Some of the audience will only see my back during these interactive bits but overall it's worth it.

I go back up to the front of the room to deliver certain segments of content. I force myself to stay here as long as I can as I tend to gravitate back into the audience. 

The trouble with walking into the audience and speaking from here is a lack of visibility can really take away from the speech. However, it's the audience interaction that guides the motivational speech and builds rapport.

Larger events often have cameras and screens that project my face ( yikes!) and as long as the camera man is savvy ( and can follow my movement), nobody gets left out of the presentation as visibility is maximized from every seat in the house.


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