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Inspirational Keynote Speaker Hugh Culver

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Oct 04, 2012 @ 12:28 PM

inspirational speakerI was an inspirational keynote speaker for the Canadian Society of Club Managers annual convention.

The event featured several fabulous inspirational speakers like Terri Knox, James Cronk and Kevin MacDonald. When I saw Hugh Culver was on the schedule, I knew I had to rearrange my flights to be sure to attend his motivational speech.

Hugh is not only a fabulous motivational speaker but a huge over-acheiver. He has owned an adventure tour company, and a private airline in Chili, amoung many other things.

When he wasn't sending elderly people on tours into mountainous terrain in the South Pole, he was running a marathon, climbing a mountain or competiting in an Ironman.

Now he travel around and delivers motivational talks on leadership, time managment, inspirational and conflict management.

Here is some of the inspiration that I gleened from his motivational speech:

In a Stephen Covey sort of way, Hugh compels audiences to move from efficient ( getting stuff done) to effective ( doing the important stuff). Culver suggests we are in the age of distraction and we need new stories. As we get so caught up in crossing off our to-do list( efficient) we forget to question whether we should do something at all ( effective).

For instance technology may be really cool but it may not help you be more effective. As culver animates, never confuse activity with acheivement.

An incessent addiction to technology has created some serious challenges in society. For instance, it is unhealthy. Sitting for more than 4 hours per day increases your risk of coronary heart disease 3 fold.

Mr Culver's was busy running an adventure company and he realized he was not being effective. So he closed his office, cut his travel in half and scheduled 17 weeks with his family.

The motivational speech unravelled 3 things all great leaders need to do to be effective:

  1. Think.
  2. Plan.
  3. Act.

Apparently, the brain loves patterns and we tend to make up stories based on assumptions, values and judgements. Trouble is, we forget we made them up. They aren't real, yet we make concrete decisions based on them. If we can make up stories that fast, we can also quickly make up a better story. And we should.  Culver says when you have a reoccuring problem than you know your story doesn't work.

The motivational advice is to ask better questions to change your story. The brain can't help but answer questions, and asking, why doesn't this work? Doesn't work.

Change your story to change your results. For instance, many peoples story involves blaming others. In his humourous motivational speech, Culver suggests Blame is like taking a poison pill and hoping the other person dies! So true.

Culvers call to action for the group includes:

  • Start your week with a plan for friday
  • Create an action plan. At the end of the day, plan for the next day
  • Every friday revisit your plan and look over the important milestones
  • After an interruption ( or a hundred) revisit your action plan to stay on course.
  • Jump start your day by creating a morning plan
  • Avoid the news and create your intention

This disciplined system brings you back to the big picture. You stay focused on what is really important to you and your family.

Although I do not have the same unflagging resolve for results; I felt compelled by the humorous motivational speech to get my act together and focus on what really matters. Thanks Hugh- Keep it Up!


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