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Inspirational Speaker Kevin MacDonald

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Oct 04, 2012 @ 12:25 PM

inspirational speakerI was an inspirational speaker for the Canadian Society of Club Managers on September 30, 2012. It was an incredible event that kicked off the evening before with a wine social at the Harvest Golf Club. We had the opportunity to sample over 8 different wines from the Okanagan in a breathtaking venue.

That evening I met the other inspirational speaker for the club managers, Kevin MacDonald. Kevin and his partner Shelley own the company, the Coaching Department, and do leadership coaching and live workshops.

I stuck to Kevin like glue that evening because I loved his passion, energy and enthusiasm. He also seemed to know everyone in the room as he has coached and mentored many of them!

Kevin's motivational speech the next morning, Unlock the Visionary, gave us inspiration to create a great vision.

Some of the wisdom from Kevins motivational speech:

People don't buy what you do; but why you do it. For instance this crowd is engaged in creating health, wellness and great memories for their members.

People are only 52% self aware and we often try to be who we think others think we ought to be.

Kevin unravelled 4 Obstacles to your Vision:

  1. Belief that hold you back
  2. Time (not enough of it)
  3. Environments
  4. Lack of experience

The advantage to having vision is increased purpose, focus, energy and passion.

Kevin usually co-presents with inspirational speaker, Shelley MacDougall, who was unable to attend this year. Kevin presented the motivational speech with enthusiasm and vigor without his partner.

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