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Inspirational Speaker for Canadian Society of Club Managers

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Oct 01, 2012 @ 11:12 AM

inspirational speakerOn September 30, 2012, I am an opening inspirational keynote speaker for the Canadian Society of Club Managers Conference in Kelowna, BC.

The national conference will draw over 150 club managers from private and semi- private clubs across canada. 70% of the audience is responsible for managing golf clubs. The remaining club managers manage recreation facilities, yacht clubs and more.

Most of the facilites are member owned clubs; thus this audience grapples with member retention and attraction, dealing with and supporting a volunteer board of directors and regular staffing/ management issues.

Assessments can occur periodically to help clubs do major renovations or club maintenance. Members generally do not like large assessments( payments) and managers must cope with cranky members.

On top of this is the regular management of a club like hiring, firing, and seasonal employment. Add to this, managing a pro shop( golf clubs), food services, member events, accounting and administration, cleaning, HR, Health and Safety, Liquor licences, and more -and you see this crowd could use the opportunity for some inspiration!

The other inspirational speakers on the agenda are Hugh Culver, Terri Knox, Kevin MacDonald and Dr Tom Schroeder. The motivational speeches are all geared towards the theme of the event, A New Vision.

Club managers will be compelled by the theme A New Vision and encouraged to lead with a New Vision or be swept away by someone else's.

As the opening inspirational speaker, in line with the conference theme, I will deliver the motivational speech, Follow Me I'm Right Behind You.

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