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Inspirational Speaker for College of Family Physicians

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Sep 27, 2012 @ 09:01 PM

inspirational speaker for family physiciansOn September 29, 2012,  I am an luncheon inspirational speaker for the Nova Scotia College of Family Physicians Conference/ Scientific Assembly in Halifax, NS.

This event will engage family physicians throughout Nova Scotia for inspiration, education and fun.

The College of Family Physicians is a voluntary organization that makes continuing medical education manditory. Family physicians deal with everyday health concerns like the parent who doesn't want to have their child immunized or the patient who shows up with a laundry list ( helped by google) of what ails them.

Most family physicians run their own practice, which means everyday headaches related to the management of a business are always a concern.

Patient flow, insurance, paperwork, office management, and administrative issues are everyday issues for this audience. On top of all of this is a family physicians main concern- safe patient care.

The other inspirational speakers for the family physicians will give inspirational speeches on physician wellness, childhood obesity and physician burnout.

I will present one of my inspirational speeches This Would Be Funny If it Wasn't Happening to Me!

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