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How to Master the Mini Meeting

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Aug 29, 2012 @ 11:37 AM

motivational speechesI was a motivational speaker for a Nurses' Week event last year. After the motivational speeches, the CEO took me on a tour of the hospital, where  I witnessed managers hosting "mini meetings" in several different areas.

In this particular healthcare facility, they believe most meetings are a waste of time and should be no longer than 10 minutes long! Usually the ad hoc meetings that they have evolved to occur while standing up while participants discuss necessary changes in process, regulations and more.

Here are some tips to Master the Mini Meeting:

  • Stand up! When people are sitting they start to lose their ability to focus.  Active engaged listening is easier when you're vertical.
  • Be sure these mini motivational speeches keep staff uplifted. Simply having enthusiasm for change will help keep your delivery and energy high. Read our Blog, Stand and Deliver: Leadership Motivational Speeches.
  • Only deliver necessary information. Don't bog people down with useless information. Only the important content should be presented.
  • Ask for input.
  • Take the lead. One person needs to lead the discussion to curb unnecessary chatter and keep the meeting on track. Some weary participants may want to commandeer the meeting and take it in a different direction or add their own negative slant. The meeting leader needs to keep the meeting short, to the point and positive.
  • Ask for commitment and get agreement. Every motivational speech should have an objective- especially the short ones. Before the mini meeting ask yourself, What one thing I want people to do differently? Make sure you don't walk away without a commitment from everyone.

The other motivational speaker at the Nurses' Week event was this same dynamic CEO, Brad Avelino. His motivational speeches are always well received because they are 5 minutes or less!

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