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Motivational Speaker for Mercy Hospital's Leadership Development Institute

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Aug 01, 2012 @ 07:55 PM

motivational speaker for hospital leadershipOn July 19, 2012,  I was a motivational speaker for (Allina Healthcare) Mercy Hospital's Leadership Development Institute.

The audience of approximately 125 people was comprised of hospital leadership from all departments( clinical and non-clinical) including finance, patient care, volunteer services, radiology and more.

The group was extremely warm and enthusiastic. Before my motivational speech, I interviewed six mercy healthcare leaders about the unique stress involved in their work.

Next spring, the hospital leadership will start negotiations with the Minnesota Nurses Association nurses union. This is always challenging as it means a lot of change and uncertainty for staff and hospital leadership.

This group of leaders is already pushed to their limits doing more work with less resources.  They regularly respond to employee concerns, HIPPA Violations,and do routine rounding.

Allina has respecful workplace policies, standards of behaviour and subscribes to the StuderGroup evidence- based leadership training. One of the leadership principles they routinely practice is called Rouding ( a StuderGroup Principle). This is a practice that requires staff to "round"on patients and leaders to "round"on staff members- hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. It involves checking in and asking patients or staff how they are doing and what resources or help they need.

Some these conversations may be documented. Rounding on employees and patients is a lot of extra work however Mercy Hospital has seen a reduction in call lights and staff and patient satisfaction scores have increased.

I presented the Motivational speech the Nerve to Serve... Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!This group loved to laugh and welcomed the opportunity to lighten up. We were reminded the power humor has to decrease stress and tension while encouraging balance and building rapport.

In the afternoon I presented the motivational speech, Daring to be Caring... Leading a Spirited Healthcare Team. We were reminded of the value and meaning of doing such amazing compassionate work and how to keep that spirit and pride alive through recognizing and appreciating others.

I enjoyed being a motivational speaker for Mercy Hospital's Leadership Development Institute

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