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More Motivational Speech Activities to Use in a Leadership Retreat

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jul 05, 2012 @ 03:36 PM

inspirational speaker for leadership retreatsWhen I am an inspirational speaker for leadership retreats, I use motivational speech activities to keep the content fresh, to reinforce my message, and to involve the audience.

Leadership retreats are usually longer and involve fewer people than a motivational keynote speech, so interaction is critical.

Photo Captions

This motivational speech activity really personalizes and engages a crowd.  Before a speech, gather photos of key participants doing odd activities. Form groups during the meeting from audience members, and have them come up with funny punch lines or captions to describe the photos.

The more unusual the photo the better. For example, I was an inspirational speaker for a financial services leadership retreat where, pre-event,  the executive took photos of each other. To make the photos conversational they were wearing funny unique costumes while participating in random work activities.  One photo, for instance, showed a senior leader wearing an octopus hat while helping an amused customer.

Some of the captions read....

  • This octopus is ruining my hair
  • I only have two hands.....so I brought my friend.
  • I had to kill an octopus to get this job
  • I hope this octopus wont get me fired

At the end of the motivational speeches, vote on the best captions. The team that created the highest rated captions wins!



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