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4 Behaviour Types Under Stress

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 02:54 PM

stress management motivational speakerThere are 4 distinct behaviours we revert to when under stress. Being aware of your own behaviours are very valuable to manage your stress; instead of letting your stress manage you.

When stressed out people typically:

Fight. This 'put up your dukes' style of managing stress tends to funnel aggressive negative energy (like blame and anger) on others. Those who respond to stress in this primal manner literally react and fight back.

Freeze. Sometimes people are totally immobilized by stress. Clouded judgement and an inability to think clearly leave some people unable to respond at all - they freeze up in fear.

Flight. When stressful events occur, some people will do everything they can to abandon or leave the situation. They either pretend it didn't happen, joke about it or trivialize it, or physically leave - whatever they need to do to put distance between them and their stressors.

Adapt. This requires a responsive (versus reactive) stress management approach. The most resilient people are able to take a step back, de-personalize the stress and adapt to the stressful situation without fighting back or running away.  Instead, they evaluate the situation rationally and adapt their response to their best advantage.

I once heard a stress management motivational speaker suggest that when we you are stressed out, your physiology is driving your psychology. When your body is stressed and forced into overdrive, your stress response takes over and manages your wellbeing and emotions.

Knowing which of these 4 behaviours you revert to in stress will help you understand your own stress response.

As a motivational speaker managing stress usually means dealing with unexpected airplane flight changes, adapting to a difficult audience member, and overall juggling schedules.

When I am really wound up, I usually freeze. I become temporarily immobilized and I can't think straight.  This is when I know I need some distance and perspective to alter my outlook. My mission, then, is to take a moment to reconsider the situation and adapt my response so that my inspirational message does not get lost!  


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