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Stress Management Technique for Instant Relief

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jun 25, 2012 @ 04:50 PM

motivational speaker for franchise eventLast June I was a motivational speaker for a franchise event. One of the other workshop sessions was by a stress management speaker who presented Emotional Freedom Stress Management Techniques. One of the benefits of my work is that I get to learn from other inspirational speakers and I take advantage of that. I have used these stress management techniques over the last year and they work!

Here are just a few of the techniques the stress management speaker illustrated:

  • Think about something that bothers you (for example, a coworker's is condescending attitude at work which makes you angry).
  • Take your left hand and tap on the heel of the right hand (the stress management speaker refers to it as the karate chop point) and say (out loud if you are alone), "Even though I am so angry with..... I am ok with me."

No matter who the person or what the feeling, the idea is to bring acceptance (I am okay) to it.

  • Next, tap a few times on specific pressure points to relieve the stress. These points are:

   -Between the eyebrows

   -Beside the eye

   -Right below the eye

   -On the chin

   -Over the lip

   -Between the collarbone

   -Under the arms

   -Tap each of your fingers

  • While tapping focus on the feeling (i.e.- this anger, resentment, stress, feeling of being overwhelmed, etc)

 Using this simple stress management technique you will feel better within a few minutes. You'll feel more refreshed, relaxed and focused.

I enjoyed being a motivational speaker for the franchise event and ended the event with a motivational talk on how humour reduces stress. I started my motivational speech by tapping my wrist to reduce stress . . . .  It worked!

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