Inspirational Speaker for Conference of Volunteers

inspirational speaker for volunteersOn June 9, 2012, I was an inspirational speaker for the Vitalize 2012 Provincial Voluntary Sector Conference in Calgary, Alberta.

This is one of the largest volunteer sector conferences of its kind. This event draws approximately 800 delegates who are front-line volunteers, paid staff, board members, committee members, managers and fundraisers.  They come from a number of agencies including health, sport, arts, libraries, youth serving agencies, local clubs, provincial associations, shelters, prevention agencies, service clubs, community associations, government agencies, and international serving non-government organizations.

 My experience as an inspirational speaker for volunteers is they are a fabulous group of people.  Volunteers work hard and for no pay. They do it because of their sense of community and belonging, and mostly because they hold strong xonvictions and believe in the causes for which they volunteer.

This conference draws an exceptional line up of inspirational speakers. Some of the other motivational speakers this year included my good friend Val Cade, Meg Soper, Judy Croon, and Wayne Lee to name just a few of the exceptionally talented speakers.

The closing motivational talk was delivered by Joe Roberts, from Skid Row to CEO.


My motivational talk was Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!

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