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Inspirational Speaker for Ministry of Agriculture

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Sun, Jun 24, 2012 @ 02:20 PM

inspirational speaker for ministry of agriculture

On June 5, 2012, I was an inspirational speaker for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. The entire Department of Agriculture was invited, the first time in fifteen years the entire group has come together. The theme for the inspirational event was Rooted in Excellence, Growing Together.

The opening remarks were delivered by Alanna Koch, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture. I had lunch with Alanna and know her to be an incredibly down to earth, warm and genuine leader.

Before my motivational talk, I interviewed five delegates about the nature of their work, and the challenges and stress the department faces.

Saskatchewan is booming in today's economy as crop and livestock prices are high. As a result, some farmers and ranchers want to get out while they can get the best returns. The trouble is many traditional farmers and ranchers have not created effective succession plans to pass down the wisdom and knowledge to help future generations maintain the thriving farms that exist today.

The inspirational speakers for all of the concurrent workshops for the Ministry of Agriculture conference were designed to reinforce the ministry's values of innovation, teamwork, integrity, service excellence and leadership at all levels.

Doug Moen, Deputy Minister to the Premier, was the luncheon inspirational speaker. He delivered a very candid, articulate, content filled, statistical picture of the importance of agriculture and how it fits into the Premier's plans.  He created a very clear picture of the importance of agriculture in Canada's future.

I really enjoyed meeting Doug; he is quick witted and personable. Given the stress his job must present him daily, he seems very balanced and down to earth!  I suspect that he has learned how to manage his stress and maintain his good nature by listening to the tips of motivational speakers and inspirational speakers!

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