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Inspirational Speaker Darci Lang

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 12:25 PM

inspirational speaker for HROn May 30, 2012, I was an inspirational speaker for the IPMA Canada's HR Conference in Regina, SK.

In addition to presenting a motivational speech, I had the opportunity to watch a fabulous inspirational speaker, Darci Lang present a workshop on her motivational talk, Focus on the 90%. I know Darci through our professional association, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and I have always loved Darci's enthusiasm, true integrity, and charming, positive attitude. She is one of the most genuine and authentic people I know.

 I gleaned some fantastic inspiration from her motivational talk, some of the key points were:

  • How we feel about our jobs goes back to the conversations we had as a family around the dinner table. If our parents reinforced that work is a happy, proud and respectful place to go than most likely that will trickle down to the attitude we carry about our work.
  •  Every time we go out into the world and say we are proud of what we do, we change the face of our jobs.
  • Darci reminded the audience that you cannot sit across from people and encourage them to be better if you are not better.
  • Darci's 3X Complain Rule, which she calls 'recreational whining.'  This one I have personally adopted and I love! In her family and work, after complaining about something for the third time, Darci insists it becomes a dead issue and you cannot complain about it anymore. In my experience, this forces me to take action on things, which is far more empowering than complaining.
  •  Never judge others unless you are willing to help them.

 Finally, I appreciated the reminder that it is easier, sexier and more provocative to be negative. Darci's motivational talk compelled the audience to stop complaining and giving other people power. How often do you see other people for the 90% that they are?

Darci is one of my favorite CAPS members. It is amazing to be inspired by your colleagues' successes. I felt truly motivated and engaged when I watched such an incredible inspirational speaker and friend, Darci Lang.

Learn more about the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Here

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