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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jun 04, 2012 @ 10:05 PM

motivational speaker for financial servicesA motivational speaker for a financial services event, Kelly Brown's motivational talk suggested that you cannot change people.

Every employee has predefined personality and skills, and instead of trying to force fit the person into the job we should alter the job to suit the person.

The motivational talk compelled leaders to discover, develop, and celebrate what is unique and different about each employee. The motivational speaker shared a great analogy of checkers versus chess.

In checkers, all the pieces are the same (other than color) and interchangeable, they move at the same pace with the same latitudes in the same parallel paths.

In chess, each piece moves in a different way. You will not win if you do not think strategically about how to move each piece - how to use each chess piece optimally to win the game. Also, each piece is dependent on the moves of the other pieces.

The motivational talk compelled leaders to strategically capitalize on each employee's strengths and consider how these skills impact the whole team. Play chess not checkers, do not try to move a knight like a bishop.

The ability to keep tweaking roles to capitalize on the uniqueness of each person is the essence of great leaders.

 Another motivational speaker for the financial services conference, my motivational talk was The Nerve to Serve.

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