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Customer Service: Focus on a Customers Needs Not Wants

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, May 23, 2012 @ 08:04 PM

motivational speaker for financial servicesI was a motivational speaker for a financial services conference in Madison Wisconsin last week.

One of the other motivational speakers for the financial conference, Kelly Brown led an interesting discussion about customer service.

Kelly' s motivational speech suggested customer service is an illusionary target. If you aim to satisfy a customer, once their need is satisfied- they will go away. However if you focus on customer success customers will crawl over glass to work with you.

Most banks focus on what a customer wants (i.e....to open an account). To narrow in on customer success, we should be focus less on a customer says they want and instead focus on what our customers need(i.e.... A saving vehicle catered to their needs). Usually what a customer needs is very different from what they want.

In the financial services world, Customers need something that will change their behaviours...like a savings plan, a debt consolidation or a retirement plan.

The motivational speaker for the financial services conference suggested asking penetrating questions beyond what a customer says he wants to get to the root of his needs.

 The motivational speech closed by saying that customers are too sophisticated today and ultimately want more.

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