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Inspirational Speaker for Farm Bureau

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, May 08, 2012 @ 04:22 PM

inspirational speaker for farm bureauOn May 10, 2012,  I am an inspirational speaker for the Arkansas Farm Bureau conference at the Embassy Suites in Little Rock, Arkansas.

 The audience will be comprised of county membership service representatives from counties throughout Arkansas. The member service representatives job is to take care of Farm Bureau members needs.

They field customer inquiries (good and bad) and work with insurance policies and claims or on the Farm Bureau side they take care of board meetings notes, agendas, and membership.

They also help keep the insurance agents in line by proofreading, editing mistakes, providing reminders of appointments and keeping policies up to date.

Farm Bureau members still love face to face interaction. Not email, text or phone but face to face; and they get this from the Farm Bureau Member Service Representatives.

 I am really looking forward to being an inspirational speaker for the Farm Bureau. I got this engagement from a contact on Face book. Just over a year ago, I was "friended" by Jody Urquhart. He and I share the same first, middle and last name and after further investigation, ironically we were both born on exactly the same day.

Last year, Jody Urquhart saw I was an inspirational speaker in Arkansas and he came to my motivational talk. Later he recommended me to the Farm Bureau( where he works) and now I will give a motivational talk at the Farm Bureau Event!



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