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Inspirational Speaker Dave Logan

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Apr 26, 2012 @ 04:19 PM

inspirational speakerAs people see the world, so they behave. Inspirational  speaker, Dave Logan

I recently watched a TEDeX Talk of an inspirational speech by Dave Logan.  The motivational speaker argues that all people form tribes and what makes the difference is tribal culture.

In his inspirational speech, Logan outlines the Stages of Tribes:

Stage One. Life Sucks. (2% of people) The lowest of the stages, this stage produces people who do horrible things.  Here you find culture of gangs and prisons.

Stage Two. My Life Sucks. (25% of people) In this tribe, the culture makes people dumb. People complain, whine and don't take responsibility, so productivity and progress are limited.

Stage Three. I'm Great and Your Not. (48% of people) Here competition and your own self importance stays front and center. In this tribe some very smart people converge and they all talk about the accomplishments they have made.

Stage Four. We're Great. (22% of people)  Individuals come together and find something bigger than themselves. As this group grows it evolves from a collection of individually centric people to a tribe that becomes aware of it's own existance.

Stage Five. Life is Great. (2% of people) Here a group creates a process to bring everyone together for the common good. Think of visionary leaders like ghandi and these are stage five tribes. This group changes the world.

The Inspirational speaker suggests tribes can only hear one level above or below where they currently are. Leaders need to talk at every level and nudge people to the next level.

What kind of an impact is your tribe making? Listen for the words that indicate what stage your tribe is at, speak to the level before and after that stage.

In his inspirational speech, Logan suggested you extend the reach of your tribe by connecting people who don't know each other to something bigger.

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