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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Apr 27, 2012 @ 01:54 PM

motivational speaker for financial servicesThere are different ways to engage an audience. Ultimately people learn by hearing( Auditory), by watching (visual) or by doing (kinesthetic) and we have to use activities to engage all styles of learning.

Read: The 3 Learning Styles.

Here are some fun and easy activites to add to a motivational talk:

Group Circle.

I saw another motivational speaker do this activity for a recent financial services conference. He instructed 8 volunteers to come to the front of the room and join in a circle. He than threw different items to members of the circle instructing them to keep passing them to others in the circle. The objective is to keep items from hitting the ground.

Each item represented a group challenge or stress ( ie- quarterly reporting, audits etc). Peels of laughter ensued as some items started to hit the floor and the group scrambled to keep the increasing number of items afloat.

The items you use could be fun like plastic fish, squeegy balls, chickens to increase the levity.

Emotional Tag.

One of the other motivational speaker for the the financial services group was suggesting in her motivational talk that young gen Y bankers lack emotion on the job. Because they are so busy text messaging, face to face communication has become challenging for them.

We came up with this great game to help them relate to emotions.


  • Select 4 emotions that Gen Y need to work on (ie empathy).
  • Decide on a gesture, posture, and facial expression to depict each emotion.
  • The game of tag starts as the speaker calls out an attribute ( ie anyone wearing red, or works in payroll) and an emotion. Others have to try to tag the participant ( wearing red) and that person has to display that emotion for the rest of the group.

As another motivational speaker for the financial services group, I found out that this creates lots of laughter and interaction.Watch Jody Speak

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