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What is Lost in Digital Communication

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Sat, Apr 21, 2012 @ 08:18 AM

motivational speaker for franchiseI was a motivational speaker for a franchise conference where a delegate shared the following story....

He phoned a 28 year old employee to discuss a project they were working on. He did not answer. Moments later, he received a text from him saying he is not answering the phone today and will only be text messaging.

Many generation Y employees prefer not to talk on the phone but instead to communicate information via text or Instant messaging.

Text and Instant Messaging has it's advantages ...it is quicker, more accessible and it forces you to communicate more succinctly.  However,  a lot can be lost when you take out the face to face aspect of communication. You do not hear tone of voice, non- verbal gestures ( facial expression and body language) which make up over 70% of a message.

One of the other speakers for the franchise conference argued we also miss out on opportunities to develop and refine communication patterns. It also becomes difficult to leave your electronic equipment idle, as many people find themselves constantly consulting their devices to check for new messages, further distracting from their work.

Over-reliance on spell check does not help with grammer or word selection. We also build relationships and understanding best through face to face communication. If we text instead of calling, email instead of picking up the phone, play video games instead of going outside and playing, we lose these relationships skills. Motivational speeches would be impossible by email.

For example it is hard to resolve conflict over email. You can square away facts and details but not really express yourself and relate to someone else.

Now Motivational speaker and Harvard Drop out Mark Zuckerberg, has revolutionized the way we share and communicate information when he founded facebook. With it comes a slew of privacy, communication issues.

Social ettiquette also takes a negative shift when people expect immediate results, quick turnaround, and instant accessability. The formality and respect of face to face communication is deteriorating.

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