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Generation Y- Why they Want it All & Want it Now

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Apr 12, 2012 @ 12:26 PM

generational speakerAs a Generational speaker, I talk a lot about the Millenial generation attitudes and values.

This high maintenance generation has an inflated opinion of themselves because they have been repeatedly told they can do anything. At work, leadership clearly disagree and conflict ensues.

This work value clash arises because:

  • Over protective and overly involved parents insist their children are the best.
  • Our schools reinforce that everyone wins, ever poor performers. You win just for showing up.
  • Advertisers strongly promote unrealistic claims to this nieve generation so they will spend their baby boomer parents money.

The trouble is this generation has been told they can do anything without the practical skills to show them how. Millenials are very aware of their skills, they know what they want and when they want it ( now) but have no idea how to get there. What's worse, is this tiny detail ( the practical how) is lost on them

A lack of realistic, grounded expectations is met with confusion and descent in most work environments.

Generational speaker Nicole Lipkin says, Gen Y grew up with the parental message of “My child is right no matter what...even if he/she is really wrong.”

Being accountable and accepting responsibility for your actions is not core to the way Generation Y has been raised.

As a generational speaker I am always reminded by audiences that not all generation Y's fall in this stereotype. Of course this is true. We "stereotype" because by recognizing patterns we create understanding and can move forward.

As a result of this new way of raising children, SOME generation Y:

  • Can't accept feedback or criticism from leadership
  • Blame others
  • Have difficulty learning from mistakes
  • Lack self awareness
  • Don't take ownership
Why do Generation Y want it all and want it now? Because they have been told they deserve it.

Other generational speaker leadership resources to manage Generation Y are here.


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