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How to lose Credibility on the Fly

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Apr 04, 2012 @ 10:37 AM

calgary inspirational speakerThis week I was on a flight home ( to calgary alberta) after giving an inspirational speech. Unfortunatley, I was seated next to a large obnoxious man.

Eavesdropping on his conversation, I hear him proclaim to his seat mate that our current president has set us back two centuries.

Quick math suggests that to be 1812.  I am not political, but his grasp of history is poor. There is no way we are worse off than they were in 1812, with horse drawn carriages, no womens rights or starbucks coffee.

Yet the meek man next to him readily agrees with this sweeping opinion.
What gives him the right to make such overriding statements that are clearly not ground in reality?

I secretly wonder about the man next to me. Is he a lunatic? A nut job? Or, more likely, he has grown accustomed to throwing out useless proclamations that nobody questions?  Out of a lack of a better opinion, his listeners just go along.

Why does he throw out these provocative statements? Most Likely, Because he can. He has a voice that is demonstrative enough that people will listen.

People familiar with him and wise to his uneducated guesses may turn a blind ear to his rants. But an unsuspecting passenger trapped on a plane for 4 hours next to him may mistake him as important or well informed. They would be wrong.

I believe the current president of the united states to be smart, attentive and a fabulous inspirational speaker. The presidents inspirational speech and entire platform is backed by facts, not fictitious statements. Much more credible than the man next to me.

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