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Interpreting your Family Mythology

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 @ 12:07 PM

inspirational speaker in calgary albertaMany years ago, I was a inspirational speaker in calgary, alberta; the city where I was born but did not currently live.

Staying at my parents house, I woke up that morning and walked outside onto the porch holding a  fresh coffee in hand. It was one of those rare hot spring days, so I stood still soaking in the sunshine.

I was pulled away from my thoughts when I overheard a familiar annoyed lost key crisis brewing from the kitchen inside.

I know I had it? Was it in my pants in the wash? Is it in the drawer? By the sink? In the car?
Tensions rise. Everyone is alert.

In a flash of insight, my father remembers the key is by the bedside table on top of the alarm clock. We all run to check. We find the key. Exhilaration. Relief. Crisis- averted.

This is the household I grew up in, occasionally subject to small crisis that consume us.

As I step back as an observer and watch the constant small crisis that unfold in the household throughout the day, I see a bigger picture. They served a purpose, they kept us from being bored. Someone always emerges the victor. We are in debt to them as they put an end to the crisis.

In our house, we all rely on my father. He is the head of the house and we rely on him to help us solve our problems. He is always there, in fact he is often the root of the problem.

Every family has a mythology. This is mine.

I was an inspirational speaker at an event where the other keynote speaker was an expert on your family tree and it's impact on your life.

The inspirational speaker explained that weaved in complex relationship patterns your family dynamics are your history and it makes up who you are.

Undeniably, I agree. Now where is my key?

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