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8 Innovative Ideas to Boost Morale

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Apr 25, 2012 @ 01:32 PM

motivational speaker for franchise conferenceI was a motivational speaker for a franchise conference where the group was asked to brainstorm innovative workplace morale boosters. The best ideas went into a draw where the winner was awarded a new Ipad.

Given this extravagent bounty, many delegates put there heads together to come up with some very unique morale boosters. Here are some of the ones I like the most:

The Indoor Walking Path.


One healthcare recruitment franchise built a walking path around the perimeter of the office. To be used anytime people need to get off their butt and work out ideas.

Groups can walk too. Moving meeting are a regular occurance, outside of the confines of the 4 walled meeting room, movement stimulates employee creativity. Ideas are captured on tape.

Make New Recruits a Big Deal.


To make new employees feel important, one franchise has a routine where they write up a new recruit bio after interviewing them about things that matter- like their families,  background and why they chose this job.

They send this bio out to all employees. It is well written, colorful and includes a photo. Employees look forward to new recruit updates.

On-site daycare.

Today most families are dual income. This means employees are continually balancing work and family pressures; especially daycare. Organizations that feature on- site daycare allow employees to see more of their children ( at lunch and during breaks) and relieve them of the hassle of organized child care.


Free food.

One of the delegates gave a short motivational speech about the practice of offering free food( food is always popular). Google does this. They have a cafeteria that is stocked with great food, all free for employees (No wonder they are a top employer)!

Doling out free food may bankrupt some organizations but the promise of periodic spontaneous treats would boost morale.

Empowering Innovation.

One franchise has the practice of encouraging new ideas. If employees have a good idea , they are empowered to move it forward. Anyone feeling stagnant in their job can come up with an innovative idea and if it's a good one, they will be given the time and resources to see it through.

This same franchise empowers task forces to pull together and solve problems.

Culture of responsibility.

One of my pet peeves as a customer is when I have an issue, nobody takes responsibility for solving it and I am left bouncing around trying to find anyone who will offer insight.

One cutting edge franchise has a practice of empowering all employees to be accountable for whatever comes there way. They search out solutions and follow through.

Bring your dog to work.

Many people fuss over leaving their furry friends at home, locked up behind closed doors all day. Being careful not to transform the workplace into a doggy day care- dogs offer unconditional love and an immediate mind- body connection.

The Morning Huddle.

Start every shift with a short motivational speech, updates, progress reports and more. Communication is key to boost morale, so consistant regular meetings are important.

As the closing motivational speaker for the franchise conference; I tied some of these ideas into the central concept that time is money. Offering job perks that save employees time- can save you money. Boost Morale and offset lowered budgets by offering job perks that make life easier for employees and everyone wins.

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