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Physical Events Need Great Venues

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Mar 29, 2012 @ 02:30 PM

inspirational speakersIn these days of virtual working it’s getting less and less often that a group of business colleagues or associates actually physically get together for conferences and meetings. Costs and practicality dictate that if you can do it by skype or webinar, then it’s not worth the fuss, organisation and expense of organising physical events as often as we used to.

However, there are still times during a company’s year when nothing beats a physical event. For example, a product launch event wouldn’t have half the effect online as it does in the real world. If you have something new to show the world, they will want to touch it, look at it, pick it up, experiment with it.

Similarly, Christmas parties might feel just a tad empty if you were all sitting at your computers linking in with each other! So there are still times when you’ll need to find a suitable venue for a business event, be that for corporate entertainment or for a conference or launch. This will be a good opportunity to invite a few talented inspirational speakers to give your employees some motivational speeches.

Of course you’ll still need to stay within the confines of a realistic budget when seeking an appropriate venue, and you might create the wrong business message if you are too lavish in the executing of your event, so you need to choose your venue wisely.

Some events lend themselves to lecture theatre style rooms, with seating in rows. Many companies are now making use of cinema theatres for events where they want to use the big screen and then follow the screening with a Q&A session with speakers at a podium.

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For team building events, the lecture theatre style seating may be too restricted. In that case you’re better off in a venue that can accommodate cabaret style seating and allows space for people to break off into groups.

The style of the venue can also reflect the kind of business image you want to project – do you want a utilitarian, minimalist style or are you looking for something more traditional and elegant? There are thousands of different venues out there which you can find easily online. If you don’t feel like trawling through them yourself, many venue finders offer their services for free – so it’s worth giving them a brief to see what they can come up with.


Written by David H. business and events blogger.

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