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How Average People Become Successful

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 03:23 PM

motivational speakerWe have all met people who are smart, talented and you would wager to be very successful. Yet time reveals because they can't apply themselves, they end up washing cars or cleaning dishes.

Why are some seemingly average people successful and some very intellectual people so good at getting in their own way?
Because success relies on so much more than just your smarts but your ability to dream big, be creative and go after what you want.

These unquantifiable qualities are tough to unravel from a resume but even more important to success than your IQ. Most people focus their self improvement efforts on knowledge and skills when what lies beneath success is a much deeper passion and attitude.

As a motivational speaker I often share examples of people who have been given no real advantage in life- yet they manage to rise to the top. It is a passionate resolve that pushes them.

Inspiration matters

When I was young I remember reading about Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. An inspiring example of someone who carved a career delivering motivational talks despite a feeble upbringing.

Is this passion replicable? Teachable? If it was ...I think it would have been bottled and sold a long time ago. The only thing we can do is hope to inspire or be inspired by others.

I personally watched motivational speaker Anthony Robbins deliver a motivational talk over 15 years ago and I was hooked. So inspired I slowly went down the same path.
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