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Tips for Men Managing Women

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Mar 15, 2012 @ 02:01 PM

motivational speaker for womens eventsRelationships always involve give and take. For managers- communicating with the opposite sex can be very challenging. These days, many workplaces feature male managers leading a primarily female staff, which comes with it's own set of challenges.

Here are some tips for Male Managers to Lead Female Staff:

Listen and Watch her Body Language.

Women talk a lot more than men ( statistically they use 2- 3 times the number of words in a day) and they tend to be a lot more relationship oriented. Men are more direct and to the point.

As a result, women may check emotions aside to "get the job done" but because women are complex ( a female brain is not as localized, we process information in several parts of the brain) other factors are still evolving in her brain and she needs language to talk them through. This dissatisfaction or potential discontent can lead to pent up emotions that counter productivity and create conflict.

For instance, just because she says, everything is ok. It does not mean that everything is ok. This can mean the difference between cooperation and conflict.

Toss your ego aside and really pay attention to the nuances of non verbal communication. If she is looking away, rolling her eyes, making disgruntled facial expressions, or responding with an unsure vocal pitch, you may not be getting through.

No matter what words are said, she cannot mask her body language, so if you sense discention, get to the bottom of it. Dig deeper and get continual confirmation and agreement.

Ask don't tell.

Counter Cynicism with Respect.

Women can be caddy. Maybe it's in our nature. Before negativity and gossip take over, go straight to the source and dose it with respect. Observe what she does best to fuel positive reinforcement and boost morale.

When I was a motivational speaker for a women's event, we discussed how the best way to keep cynicism at bay is to reinforce respect between all parties.

Women are better at integrating and assimilating information, so respect these positive attributes.

Loretta Laroche was a motivational speaker for a women's event I spoke at and she relayed some hilarious scenerios about women going through menopause! Definately another challenge for a male leader to relate to.

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