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The 3 Learning Styles

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Mar 07, 2012 @ 09:11 AM

inspirational speaker for educatorsPeople learn differently. This is no surprize, so why do we shove standardized curriculum  down people's throat, without considering learning style?

This was the topic of discussion recently when I was an inspirational speaker for a group of educators.

While I was listening to the motivational talk from the other inspirational speaker for the educators, I was evaluating how I learn.

I learn best by doing. Not telling, not watching or observing others- but by doing. Often called kinesthetic or "hands-on" learning. Others thrive on detail, while I prefer minimal but meaningful content. I don't like to listen and memorize, I like to practice. Apparently 25% of the population are kinesthetic learners.

Ultimately people learn by hearing( Auditory), by watching (visual) or by doing (kinesthetic). Most people teach the way they prefer to learn.

What I took away from the motivational talk is for educators to ask the question,

In my training, do I:

  •  Talk too much and give too much detail. (Which will suit the Auditory learners the most)
  •  Demonstrate more than I involve (Which will suit the visual learners the most)
  • Involve more than explain ( which will suit kinesthetic learners the most)

Great teachers balance all three teaching styles.

As an inspirational speaker for the educators I had a lot of fun tying in the 3 learning styles relative to teaching and how others learn. There is a lot of humor in this!

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