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Is your Organization Compatible with Gen Y?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Mar 09, 2012 @ 03:03 PM

inspirational speaker for franchise eventI was recently an inspirational speaker for a franchise event. I also presented a motivational talk on different generational work values where we discussed the things that make Generation Y run for the door.

As far as organization culture goes, here are the things that are uncompatible with Gen Y work values:

Rules designed by people who are no longer in the workforce.

Anyone over 50 today has broadly different values and work preferences than Gen Y. Older generations value stability, loyalty, rules, organization, and hard work.

Younger generations are more flexible and want to be empowered to think outside of rules, especially if the rules seem out of date and archaic.

Rigid, hierarchial Job Design. 

Millenials like to think on their feet and work like independent agents to get the job done. Excessive rules and controls aggravate progress and frustrate results and motivation.

Regardless of their role, millenials feel stagnant and unempowered by strict job functions . They would much rather have productivity goals, clear expectations and have the flexibility needed to get the job done.

I was an inspirational speaker for franchise event that featured a motivational talk that outlined companies that refuse to hire leaders over the age of 50 because they feel they are out of touch with younger generations.

Information is tightly controlled and monitored.

Millenials love to be in the know. They don't like the feeling that information is guarded, protected and not available to help them do their job. In their personal life millenials have instant access to any information they need. They demand the same from their work.

Unreachable Leadership and Less Frequent Job Feedback

Gen Y loves immediate results and feedback. To feel a part of the team they like to know what they do is making a difference, daily. Anything that frustrates performance, or lessens results will not do.

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