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Building Bonds at Association Events

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Mar 13, 2012 @ 02:56 PM

inspirational speakerI was an inspirational speaker for healthcare educators association recently where they hosted a reception after my motivational speech.

Getting to know the delegates I discovered there was a great bond between many long standing members. There was a lot of shared humor,engagement and good natured poking fun.

Interestingly, not all event have delegates who are this open and friendly.

At some associations, delegates seem icy and unreceptive to each other. Behind this professional guise I sense an inability to open up and casually relate. This tone is set(usually by leadership) and most members just seem to unintentionally comply.

What makes some groups open and receptive and others more uptight and stringent?

Here are a few elements that are organic to an engaged group:

Shared humor.

Every group has there own dynamic. Relaxed, personable delegates are comfortable around each other. Close groups are often heard laughing... at each other and themselves.

Fun events.

The more opportunity to relax and relate the more dynamic the group becomes. People loosen up and are less guarded when they interact in frivilous, less serious ways. Strategically building fun events into the conference schedule helps delegates release tension, build rapport and let go of the work back at work.

A fun education committee and board.

The nature of an audience starts with it's leadership. Fun interactive groups seem to evolve from the energy of the board. When board members get along well and have fun together it sets the tone for the rest of the group.

When I was an inspirational speaker for the healthcare educators, the education committee enthusiastically sat in the front row during the motivational speech.
There support and enthusiasm really helps draw in the rest of the crowd.

My next motivational speech for Healthcare Educators is in March in Orlando, Read the blog here

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