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CREOG & APGO Health care Inspirational Luncheon Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 @ 01:33 PM

healthcare inspirational speakerOn March 8, 2012 I am a health care inspirational luncheon speaker for the CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting. This event sponsored by Dr Martin L. Stone is a Medical Student Educators' luncheon.The audience will mostly be comprised of OBGYN physicians who are also medical teachers. They split their time between clinical rotations, teaching medical students and residents and program administration.

The theme is Embracing Transition in Healthcare. In this industry one of the biggest changes are much needed alterations to the Flexner Report, which lays out guidelines to medical eduation in the United States. This report came out in 1910 and has just recently been revised( A lot has changed since 1910!). The revisions are laid out in a new publication called: Educating Physicians, A Call for Reform of Medical School and Residency.

Four changes that medical educators can look forward to are:

  1. Standardization of Learning Outcomes
  2. Integration of Formal Knowledge and Clinical Experience
  3. Development of Habits of Inquiry and Innovation
  4. Focus on Professional Identity Formation

These four core changes cover physician knowledge, skills and behaviour.

Other changes in the industry involve changes to Limited Duty Hours for medical residents. Now residents hours are limited to 80 hours per week, where it used to be upwards of 100 hours per week. Also a very relevant change in this industry involves Electronic Medical Records.

To prepare to be a healthcare inspirational luncheon speaker, I interviewed several medical student educators. I found one of the themes to be around educating younger generations, how they learn and harnessing their work ethic.

Increasingly younger generations are very tech savvy. One physician I spoke with referred to the computer as the third person in the room, between the physician and the  patient. The all important computer can sometimes get in the way of compassionate human contact.

Younger generations also want immediate gratification. When learning, Gen Y's want to know how everything directly relates to them right now. This "me"generation is much more self centered while healthcare has always traditionally been very compassionate and patient centered.

I am really looking forward to being the healthcare inspirational lucheon speaker on one of my favorite topics, This Would Be Funny, If it Wasn't Happening to Me!

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