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7 Signs Your Employee will Resign

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Feb 14, 2012 @ 04:50 PM

leadership speaker for HR conferenceOne day your star employee seems content and well adjusted, the next day he hands you his resignation. Huh?  Was he a good actor pretending to be content- but beneath the facade he was plotting his escape plan?

These days it is harder and harder to tell. Truth is, employees (especially younger generations) may remain completely committed to the job but still be searching out other opportunities on the side lines.

I was a leadership speaker for an HR Conference; my motivational speech outlined the 7 Signs an Employee will Resign: Watch for these tell tale signs... if employees:

  1. Come in late, leave early or take extra longer breaks
  2. Complain more often
  3. Suffer Low Workplace Morale or Refuse to take part in Team Activities
  4. Have Changes in Work Quality
  5. Seem Distracted, Disengaged or start to Gossip
  6. Are looking for outside opportunities
  7. Start to phase themself out or line up an exit strategy

As the leadership speaker for the HR Conference, the audience agreed that when Apathy goes unchecked it takes a massive toll on overall workplace morale. It pays to take notice and regularly check in on employees to guage their satisfaction.

Review work performance and make sure that the pay, benefits and hours are competitive. Know that employees today continually reassess their employment choice.

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