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Goodbye Recess, Hello Ritalin

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Feb 13, 2012 @ 03:04 PM

inspirational speaker for educatorsI was an inspirational speaker for an educators conference. One of the other education guest speakers shared startling statistics that recesses in schools across north America are being cut back or eliminated.

The education guest speaker's studies revealed that as recess breaks are eliminated kids grow increasingly agitated and are unable to sit still and pay attention. The situation looks even bleaker as kids today go home and watch tv or play video games; instead of going outside and playing with friends.

All this pent up energy thwarts growth, increases aggression and potentially leads to problem children popping pills. Just yesterday a friend of mine cancelled our kids play day because she started her son on attention deficit medication. During the drugs adjustment period she is instructed to decrease her child's interaction and play time.

I think limiting play time and discouraging interaction is a big mistake. As an inspirational speaker for the education conference, I was spouting off about how Play does wonderful things for your well-being.

Having fun releases endorphins and naturally decreases stress levels. It also creates distance and perspective, builds relationships and social skills. All critical to a childs growth and development. The education guest speaker suggested that kids that don't engage playfully with others will develop a deep seated fear of failure.

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