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Motivational Speaker Dr Murray Banks

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Feb 03, 2012 @ 11:02 AM

motivational speakerRecently I listened to an old recording of motivational speaker Dr Murray Banks.

In a speech he has delivered over 5,000 times, he  compelled audiences to see things without the comfort of illusion. His inspirational speech compelled the audience to look around and see that many people survive in a cloud of vague discontent. Hmm, how inspiring.

He went on to suggest that evolution made us alert, tense, and never satisfied.

Motivational speaker, Dr Murray Banks suggests these 4 things that every human being continually strives for:

1) To live, to be healthy.

2) Prestige, recognition or power.

3) To be Loved.

4) Money and Security.

I add that most people have a desire to have fun (and not just girls). In fact if we were having fun then we would enjoy the pursuit of all 4 of the above even more.

Dr Banks inspirational speech suggested that most of our mental processes are automatic habits. Some of these make us happy and others make us miserable.

Too much stress burns out neurons that allow us to experience joy. Increasing the amount of fun we experience naturally decreases stress and creates a more vibrant existance.

I believe that humor, fun and play creates a natural contentment. Not one that we strive for and ultimately relieve ( and the motivation ceases) but an overall contributor to well being.

Motivational Speaker, Dr Murray Banks is currently in his 90's and occasionally does his inspirational speeches on Cruise Ships.

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