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3 Steps to High Levels of Employee Engagement

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Feb 21, 2012 @ 12:33 PM

health & safety inspirational speakerA vision of the ideal employee would always lend itself towards total engagement and inspiration.

Below are 3 essential ingredients for employee engagement:

1)Values Integration.

The strength of your values is what holds an organization together. Corporate values and culture need to be clearly defined and incorporated in hiring, training, and day to day management. 

I was a health & safety inspirational speaker for a safety event last june where they spent the balance of the event talking about their corporate safety values. 

The health & safety committee presented inspirational speeches on enabling a Safety culture. Safety is so highly ingrained in their culture that it consistently shows up in every aspect of the work. Safe work practices are evaluated, reassessed and communicated every day.

2)Gain momentum.

People and performance pushes forward enthusiasm by immersing people in your culture.  Build energy and enthusiasm through continual values reinforcement. The health and safety inspirational speakers talked openly about near misses and deviance reports. Being transparent about your values is critical. If deviation from corporate values is pushed beneath the carpet, momental will be stalled.

Regular celebration, recognition programs and inspirational speeches about progress made will serve to keep the momentum.

3) Reassess.

As organizations and people evolve so will corporate values. When implementing new policies, procedures or  hiring new personnel, always assess the values integration. The Health & Safety Inspirational speakers posed the question, How do new procedures include our safety values? Their inspirational speeches outlined how every procedure must be congruent with corporate values.

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