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Healthcare Inspirational Speaker for Airamid Health Services

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 @ 11:16 AM

inspirational speakerOn February 21, 2012 I am a healthcare inspirational speaker for the Airamid Health Services Annual conference at the St Petersburg Bayfront Hilton Hotel.

Airamid is an industry leader in providing a full range of healthcare consulting services nationwide. They provide support to over 58 healthcare facilities throughout the USA.

This event is designed for Airamid clients, who range from CEO's, Directors of Nursing, and administrators.

Like most healthcare facilities, this group regularly struggles with balancing budgets as reimbursement in the healthcare industry go down and expenses go up. Providing the same or better service with less resources to do it is not easy.

To help their clients provide exceptional service at a low cost. Airamid has developed a Customer Service Program called SHARE. The Acronymn is based on service standards that reinforce core values and it stands for:

Sensitivity. Demonstrates the core value of responsiveness and dignity.

Help. Demonstrates the core value pride.

Acknowledge. Demonstrates the core value of empathy and compassion.

Respect. Demonstrates the core value of integrity and respect.

Explain. Demonstrates the core value of communication.

SHARE training involves different modules that are completed. Certificate are issued at completion. Once they complete a module they are eligable for nomination to earn a pin. Once a pin is earned for every module than a plaque is awarded.

The other healthcare inspirational speaker on the program is Clint Maun. His motivational talks are catered to healthcare professionals on focused on 3 "C's"; Customers, Coworkers and Collaboration.

Healthcare inspirational speaker Clint Maun focuses his motivational talks on focusing on turnover reduction, improving employee morale, communication, quality of delivery, team building, leadership, revenue enhancement, customer service, human resources, management development, recruitment, selection, and retention.

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