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Annual Dental Staff Meeting Inspirational Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jan 30, 2012 @ 01:50 PM

inspirational speaker for dental staffOn February 8, 2012  I am an inspirational speaker for the Multnomah County Annual Dental Staff Meeting.

Over 170 participants will attend this meeting in downtown Portland, Oregon. Participants will range from Dentists, Hygenists, Dental Assistants and front office staff. The purpose of the meeting is to renew, revitalize and educate dental staff.

Five dental clinics throughout portland provide routine and urgent dental care to the public.

Working in public health can be stressfu.  Clinics provide dental care to vulnerable, homeless populations. Patients are in extreme pain and they can't afford treatment, so they come in as a last resort. Dental staff also do shifts, working 10 hour days.

Like most healthcare facilites they are also subject the scrutiny of state auditors. Auditors will periodically visit and write up any potential deviation from policy and standards and the dental clinics could be fined.

Being in public health is no cake walk either. Annually, in an attempt to balance budgets, the state may cut certain dental procedures. Leaving the staff to scramble to provide underfunded populations the care they need.

Given all the added stress of working in public health over a private practice, you would guess people would think twice before working here.

To prepare to be the Inspirational speaker for the dental staff meeting, I interviewed several delegates about the work. The overall consensus is that people come to work for the county because they want to get back to their community and feel like they make a difference in their work. Unanimously people suggested they feel like they are a family working together in service of the community.

As an inspirational speaker for the dental staff meeting, my motivational talk will be This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! Followed by the motivational talk, I Love my Job, it's the People I can't Stand!

I speak at over 15 Dental Events per year so I know this is a hard working audience and they deserve to have some fun!

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