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Virtues of Generation Y Parents

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Feb 20, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

Guest speaker for HR professionalsI was a generational guest speaker for HR professionals last week where we discussed the virtues of Generation Y parenting. Gen Y out numbers the baby boomer generation by over 1.3 Million people. This generation will have a strong impact and their parents will remain very involved.

After the motivational talk, A delegate shared a story where she issued a Gen Y employee an unfavorable performance review. The next day her mother came in to discuss it. The mother was adamant that the HR manager was destroying her daughters self esteem and unfavorably impacting her future employment prospects.

Below are some of the qualities we unveiled relating to Gen Y parenting:


Many HR Managers are dumbfounded at the involvement parent have in their Gen Y offsprings' lives. It goes to show how values between generations have evolved and are often worlds apart.

Baby Boomer parents are very concerned with building their kids self esteem and it have created a very self expressive generation.

Gen Y has grown up getting a lot of attention from their parents and expect the same thing at work.

Friends with their Children.

For many baby boomers and Generation X , a parents primary role was as an authority figure. Today, Generation Y are more often close friends with their parents, they actually hang out and want to spend time together.

Must Give out Trophies.

Boomers want their children to win, all the time even when they lose. Gen Y is a very self confident generation and have been accused of having an air or entitlement at work.

Because their parents and teachers stroked their ego even when they lost or didn't put in their best, Gen Y often feel they deserve recognition and praise for just showing up.

Generation Y is an incredibly savy and productive workforce. The most important ingredient to their success is training, coaching and building down to earth, realistic expectations for work accomplished.

As a guest speaker for the HR Professionals, I learned that every leader is frustrated and wants to pull out their hair from time to time. Younger generations have such diverse values from there own, and yet they raised this generation!

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