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How Different Generations Adapt

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Jan 13, 2012 @ 11:42 AM

motivational speakerMy grandmother knew about stress management before the term was even invented. She never took a change management course or worried about work life balance.

She has a great sense of humor and doesn't sweat the small stuff. She has survived marriage, divorce, death (thankfully not her own), economic crisis and more.

She is resilient, yet she has never taken self help courses to learn this way of life. Younger generations study, analyze and dissect aspect of their lives. If there isn't a motivational speaker who can help you on U-tube, Google will find the answer.

Life was probably a lot simpler in some regards for grandma. People weren't as connected and things weren't as complicated. If she had questions she would ask her neighbor or friends and family, people she knew and trusted. When I have a question I am more likely to take the advice of a complete stranger on Google.

My feeling is older generations are more hands on and learn primarily from experience whereas younger generations tend to garner advice, suggestions and information before, during and after their experiences. We analyze, break down and digest everything and than report on it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In the process of learning something, we become experts.

As a generational speaker I love to draw analogies between the differences in generations and how we adapt.  After all, none of us learn to be resilient by studying it.  Life throws a curve ball and we learn to adapt.

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