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Think Outside the Box: Be Weird! Be Different! Conference Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jan 09, 2012 @ 01:41 PM

conference speakerI am an inspirational speaker for a recreation conference where the theme is,  think outside the box- be weird, be different. I immediately loved this theme. It grabs your attention and inspires you to want to change and innovate.

I always find it frustrating to see people's lives pass them by as they settle for whatever happens, shuffling around with their briefcases and shouting into cell phones. They are at the whim of how the day unfolds; they are not controlling their own destinies.

With a little bit of innovation and creative thinking, they could accomplish great results. The key is to shake things up a bit. We don't really know that something doesn't work until we change it. Here little things make all the difference.

To help me prepare to be an inspirational speaker for the recreation conference, I have created this list of small things that can change your perspective:

  • Stop playing it safe. Go to a cocktail party where you know nobody and meet as many people as possible. You never know what can come from this!
  • Stop pretending everything is okay when it's not. Be brutally honest with yourself and others. Telling the truth about how you feel, although it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable, can be very freeing.
  • Consciously control your time. Instead of feverishly answering emails, phone calls and instant messages, turn it all off and put aside at least an hour a day to get lost in innovative thought.  Protect that time.
  • Be in the moment. As a conference speaker, I often talk about the power of humor, play, and especially silliness to help you get lost in the moment, where time will fly. Being in the present moment is where creative thought takes place.
  • Define different. Make a list of what you do on a routine basis and for an entire day- do it all differently. Flip your schedule upside down - forget being punctual if you usually are, socialize around the office if you are an introvert. Break the routine and see what happens.

The other inspirational conference speaker for the recreation event is presenting on how a lack of sleep will effect our creativity. Sleep? Now that is something I could use!

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