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The Life of a Surgical Technologist

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Jan 06, 2012 @ 03:20 PM

healthcare inspirational speakerIn February, I am a healthcare inspirational speaker for the Association of Surgical Technologists Annual Instructor’s Forum.This event draws over 300 instructors of surgical technology programs who come for inspiration, education and continuing education credits.

To prepare to be a healthcare inspirational speaker for the Instructors Forum, I have interviewed several instructors and I am learning about the unique role a Surgical Technologist plays in the operating room and what a fulfilling job it is.  Overall, the surgical technologist's role is to maintain a sterile environment and anticipate the needs of the surgeon, an exciting career in the ever-evolving operating room.

A Surgical Technologist must study and attain a 12 to 18 month diploma. The profession  attracts a wide range of candidates including younger students starting their careers as well as an overwhelming number of second career professionals. In fact, Kevin Frey, the executive director for AST suggests that community colleges, for-profit institutions and military surgical technology programs have been struggling to meet the demand of displaced workers. Since the economy tanked, many adults are going back to school to seek continuing education and explore different career options. Many unemployed are eligible for government grants to underwrite quality continuing education programs like the surgical technologist studies.

A surgical technologist trains in three roles:

Scrub Surgical Technologist. This role is to aid the surgeon by handling equipment during surgery.

Circulating. This individual monitors the operating room conditions for safety and maintains a sterile environment. This Circulating technologist is responsible for getting additional equipment where needed.

Second Assisting. Here the technologist assists the surgeons first assistant in carrying out technical tasks.

I am really looking forward to being an inspirational speaker for the Instructors Forum in Orlando in February.

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